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How can we store Energy in old Mines to help balance the grid and provide storage for renewables like wind and solar? I sat down for a wonderful and inspiring conversation on the Evolution Show with Christopher Engman, founder and Chairman of MINE STORAGE as well as CEO and founder of Megadeals Advisory! In part 1 of our conversation, below, we talk about how old mines can become large energy storage units and help balance the grid and play a key part to store energy from wind and solar energy. The market for this is huge, not only in Sweden but in many parts of the world! In part 2, that will be available on the Evolution Show on Monday next week, Christopher shares his view on the economic oppurtunities and the market for storing energy in mines (Mine Storage!), talks about some of the challenges and yes the future for this promising technology! I hope you like the episode, help support Evolution Show with a thumbs up and consider subscribing! ;) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BDKG8AbR1M4&t

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