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The @Guardian reporting on the carbon voluntary market and REDD+ projects leaves a lot to desire to say the least. As a reader, it feels like there is a pre-prepared text that gets printed over and over with slight changes - such as location. No effort to analyse and give a more balanced perspective and the challenges we all face to develop mechanisms that can secure finance so indigenous communities can protect their lands. The current coverage of the “Redd+” scandals, as the @ The Guardian has been reporting reminds me of how the press and NGOs vilified The Body Shop for the work they were doing to develop fair trade initiatives with the indigenous group, the Kayapo in Amazonia. They were accused of profiteering and dividing communities, among other things. The press never printed what the Kayapo said about the work with the company. I know the Amazon Rainforest well and I understand the challenges indigenous peoples face. Unless finance is provided, it will be impossible to decrease the speed of destruction of the environment and the indigenous cultures. No system is perfect. Improvements in all levels, from reporting to transparency must happen and are needed. Not all REDD+ developers are equal. Not all projects are the same. But forests must be preserved and finance is a must! Sustainability and Climate Actions https://youtu.be/TmCWTqloTIs?si=l6VwpUBl5lJmUDE-

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