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Indonesia resumes lobster larvae exports despite sustainability, trade concerns

Indonesia is resuming a controversial policy of exporting lobster larvae. The country banned exports of lobster larvae in 2016 to prevent overharvesting of wild stocks. However, the government says legalizing lobster larvae exports would undercut smugglers and generate revenue for Indonesia. Vietnam, a key destination for smuggled lobster larvae, has agreed to invest in developing Indonesia's aquaculture sector in exchange for the legal exports.
While the resumption of lobster larvae exports may seem appealing in the short term, there are significant concerns that this policy could have long-lasting negative consequences.
Indonesia's lobster-farming industry is not well-developed, and some observers are concerned that the resumption of exports will put wild lobster stocks under further pressure and fail to develop a competitive lobster-farming industry. They point out that the ministry's export quota is high, and could be misused to overharvest the most in-demand lobster species. This could lead to a collapse of wild lobster populations, depriving Indonesia of a valuable natural resource and potentially harming the livelihoods of coastal communities.
The new export policy requires exporting companies to partner with aquaculture farmers and commit to releasing 2% of their harvest back into the wild. However, some experts warn the resumption of exports will be of far greater benefit to Vietnam's already competitive lobster-farming industry than to Indonesia's. Indonesia risks becoming solely a supplier of raw materials to Vietnam's more established aquaculture industry, limiting the potential for economic growth and job creation in Indonesia.
President Widodo, a more sustainable approach is needed. Indonesia should focus on developing its own domestic lobster-farming industry before resuming exports. This would allow Indonesia to capture a greater share of the profits from the global lobster trade and ensure the long-term sustainability of its lobster stocks.

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  • Jane Wangui

    4 d

    This has to end.. relevant authorities should take action and put up.environmental friendly measures

    • johnte ndeto

      1 w

      This is quite insensitive considering profits over the wellbeing of aquatic life

      • Annett Michuki..

        2 w

        this decision will soon bring them down

        • George Kariuki

          2 w

          @annett_michuki sure. We need to make sure that this bad precedence comes to an end

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