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Happy New Year to all of our friends in the We Don't Have Time community!
As we enter a new year and set our intentions around the contributions we want to make to our world in 2024, we would like to ask you a question:
What are you planning to do this year, at home, at work, or in your community, to fight climate change?
We'd also love to invite you to learn more about our work below!

  • George Kariuki

    14 w

    I'm planning to broaden my strategies of ensuring that the pepole around me reduce their carbon prints. Togther For A Greener Planet.


      14 w

      I am ambitious. At work my dream is taking action by 1. channelizing of segregated plastic waste to recyclers, 2. advocating Nature based solutions by doing (shoreline management for making room for river, wise use of wetlands), 3. ensuring energy efficiencies in the brick kilns - all as revenue positive activities. At home my targets are: Practicing truthfulness and trying to live a net zero life (gratitude to climate hero algorithm). At community my favorites are: keep participating in WDHT forum and a few scientific forums.

      • Abraham Jok Atem

        14 w

        The new year has started on high note. Let's make our world green

        • Tabitha Kimani

          14 w

          Keep raising awareness on climate change and restoration.n

          • Munene Mugambi

            14 w

            To make the world a better place for you, me and the people of the world

            • dickson mutai

              14 w

              Planning to embrace sustainable living and fight climate change :)

              • Ingmar Rentzhog

                14 w

                Keep advocating for all the solutions while trying to avoid emitting. Thanks for all you do @tradewater!

                • Tradewater

                  8 w

                  @Rentzhog Thank you!

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