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Sven Nilson

33 w


Climate love

Borgå Community Letter to the Russian Orthodox Church 💚💚

Borgå-(Porvoo fi )- Community Letter to the Russian Orthodox Church. Important initiative. NOVELTY. When the leading bishops of the Borgå Community met in Tampere in Finland on October 12 to 13, they formulated an open letter to the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill. Patriarch Kirill supports Putin and blesses the war against Ukraine. See also the review

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  • Jehannes Ros

    33 w

    Good, but out of (direct) context of the platform and climate change.

    • Tabitha Kimani

      33 w

      Yes. Where are all religious leaders (voices) with regard to the war in Ukraine?

      • Johannes Luiga

        33 w

        Very important to see people of Faith stepping up and asking Patriarch Kirill to stop supporting the slaughter in Ukraine🙏

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