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Use of solar power to capture carbon dioxide and plastic waste

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a solar-powered reactor that can turn planet-heating CO2 gas into syngas, a key building block for sustainable liquid fuels.
The breakthrough is a major milestone in energy research - unlike preceding experiments which relied on pure CO2, the reactor can use waste gas from industrial plants.

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  • Rosalind Kent

    45 w

    Poetic justice !!!

    • George Kariuki

      51 w

      This development holds great promise in the realm of energy research.

      • monicah mbesu

        51 w

        This kind of research is really impressive

        • We Don't Have Time

          51 w

          Dear winnie nguru Thank you for getting your climate love to level 2! We have reached out to University of Cambridge and requested a response. I will keep you updated on any progress! /Adam We Don't Have Time

          • Joyce Waturu

            51 w

            It's even more interesting that there is the sue of solar power to help decarbonize.

            • Kevin

              51 w

              Bravo to the learned men and women in tertiary facilities who are always crafting better ways for clean energy to thrive

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