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MOOSE HUNT Nevada seems to think that the hunt season for the moose is near, but is there really not enough for everyone(nature). Can't nature sustain all of us no matter the population?? I understand that now the moose population is moving to warmer places than they usually do due to climate change.I think that even though they move, there is still enough for everyone so long as they are not going to displace another surviving animal or specie in their new habitat.Funny enough some other species are moving too.Truly climate change has affected everyone!!! Something needs to be done ASAP.Then again, when these animals move, what effect will they have on nature.https://apnews.com/article/moose-hunt-climate-change-nevada-wildlife-science-0d935b67e0462831410a6e30116db0c2

  • Adam Wallin

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    Unfortunately, nature cannot sustain everyone no matter the population. Most organisms are coded to keep multiplying and growing until the natural resources run out, at which point the organisms begin to die out until the population is small enough to sustain on the available resources. Normally, nature manages these populations itself by ways of the food chain. Predators keep other populations in check, making sure that the natural resources are sufficient. I believe that a lot of moose hunts are necessary as a consequence of humans killing off too many predators, meaning that moose populations can grow uncontrollably at the expense of other species. This will only get worse as climate change changes the habitats that these animals live in - we need to be very careful of what animals we hunt going forward, as overhunting can be completely devastating to certain populations when their habitats change due to the climate crisis.

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