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Nippon Steel drops patent lawsuit against Toyota in name of partnership

Nippon Steel Corp. has dropped its lawsuit against Toyota Motor Corp. over a patent for a technology used in electric motors, saying wrangling among Japanese companies was not beneficial to keep the nation competitive.
Toyota and Nippon Steel see their partnership as critical in the Japanese auto industry. Japan’s top steelmaker said in a statement Thursday that such internal disputes were not fitting for a period of uncertainty and rapid change toward “carbon neutrality,” referring to the recent rush to develop electric vehicles.

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  • Rashid Kamau

    32 w

    Superb! cooperating together towards a sustainable future is promising.

    • Ann Nyambura

      32 w

      Prioritizing cooperation over conflict.🤝🌍🚗

      • walter lungayi

        32 w

        It's great to see Nippon Steel and Toyota prioritize their partnership and the competitiveness of the Japanese auto industry over a patent dispute. Collaboration and cooperation are crucial in times of uncertainty and rapid change, especially as the industry shifts towards carbon neutrality and electric vehicles. Hopefully, more companies will follow their example and work together towards a common goal.

        • johnte ndeto

          32 w

          Working together towards climate control is really impressive

          • Jane Wangui

            32 w

            @johnte_ndeto working together needs alot of patience and tolerance.But the results are bound to be impressive.

          • rosebellendiritu

            32 w

            May they work together to achieve a common goal.

            • Annett Michuki..

              32 w

              this is a good gesture

              • Princess

                32 w

                Such collaborative approaches pave the way for innovation and progress in the business world.

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