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Timothy Ndegwa

22 w

BBC News

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Conducting a Gender Representation Analysis on the Negotiating team at COP27

Women make up less than 34% of country negotiating teams at the UN summit in Egypt, according to analysis by the BBC. This is despite the fact that research shows women are already bearing the brunt of climate change. Campaigners and government officials argue that women's lives would deteriorate if action isn't taken to mitigate climate change. Indigenous Krenak woman Shirley Djukurna Krenak from Minas Gerais, Brazil, told the BBC that women have always been environmental "fighters." Women, she argued, know "what it is to live in community," and so they know how to care for both people and the environment. Shirley told the BBC that indigenous women "need to be acknowledged and people need to listen to us" because they have always battled for environmental conservation. At the COP27 meeting last week, world leaders posed for their first official "family photo." Only seven women were among the 110 leaders present. According to the Women's Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO), which monitors female participation at such meetings, this is one of the lowest concentrations of women seen at these UN climate conferences, often known as COPs. Read More :

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  • Sarah Chabane

    22 w

    This data is so important to hold countries accountable, we can't ignore half of humanity in crucial decisions like COP.

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