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Maydany Salcedo

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Maydany Salcedo, the Colombian environmentalist fighting despite the threats

In the rugged terrain of Colombia, Maydany Salcedo is one of the many fearless environmental defenders who has dedicated her life to protecting the natural wonders of her homeland, often at great personal risk.
Born and raised in the biodiverse region of Putumayo, Salcedo grew up surrounded by the beauty of Colombia's forests and rivers. But as she witnessed the increase in illegal mining, logging, and coca cultivation, she decided to take action. Salcedo became involved in grassroots activism, working tirelessly to document environmental crimes and advocate for conservation measures. Her efforts caught the attention of armed groups operating in the region, who viewed her work as a threat to their interests.
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Despite facing intimidation, harassment, and even death threats, Salcedo refused to back down. She continued to shine a light on the illegal activities destroying Colombia's natural heritage, drawing attention to the plight of local communities and the ecosystems they depend on. In recognition of her work, Salcedo was awarded the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize in 2023, honouring her courage and dedication to environmental justice.
But even though, Salcedo remains a target for those who seek to exploit Colombia's resources for profit, putting her life on the line every day in defence of the planet. Her story serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by environmental defenders around the world, killing more than 100 people every year.
Let's stand in solidarity with environmental defenders and amplify their voices to ensure that their sacrifices are not made in vain. 💚
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  • Kevin

    1 w

    An absolute heroine she has been despite the odds ,we are hoping she stays safe as she fights for the planet

    • George Kariuki

      1 w

      Absolutely inspiring story of Maydany Salcedo! This is what true courage looks like.

      • walter lungayi

        1 w

        This demonstrates remarkable courage in her ongoing fight against environmental threats. Her unwavering dedication serves as an inspiration, highlighting the importance of individuals standing up for environmental protection despite facing adversity.

        • Jane Wangui

          1 w

          We all should follow in her footsteps and stand for what is doing so we will help change the planet in no time.

          • Princess

            1 w

            Her dedication to protecting the environment serves as a powerful example of the resilience and determination needed to combat environmental challenges, even in the face of adversity.

            • Elizabeth Gathigia

              1 w

              Very inspiring, she's a true climate heroine 💚 💚 💚

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