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Most of the world's population wants to fight climate change, but that majority thinks they are the minority. In a survey of 130,000 individuals across 125 countries, 69% of the global population would contribute 1% of their monthly income to fight climate change, 86% endorse pro-climate social norms, and 89% demand intensified political action. Countries that are more vulnerable to climate change show a greater willingness to contribute. Wealthier countries are less willing to contribute than poor countries. Although most people are willing to contribute to fighting climate change, only 43% of people believe that others would contribute as well. In other words, we systematically underestimate others' willingness to contribute to fighting climate change. Reasons for this perception gap include media and public debates that disproportionately emphasize climate-skeptical minority opinions, the influence of special interest groups, and political inaction. These perception gaps can form an obstacle to climate action. The prevailing pessimism regarding others’ support for climate action can deter individuals from engaging in climate action, thereby confirming the negative beliefs held by others. Therefore, the results suggest a potentially powerful intervention: a concerted political and communicative effort to correct these misperceptions. Peer-reviewed article here:

  • johnte ndeto

    7 w

    Creating awareness would really help 💯

    • Sarah Chabane

      8 w

      This is why social tipping points are important!

      • Munene Mugambi

        8 w

        People are willing to find the climate change fight. The problem lies in resource utilisation. What are these finds doing for the planet? Is it justifiable?

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