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CARBON CAPTURE - CLIMATE CHANGE Surely carbon capture doesn't have to be done from the ground - there would be a specific layer(s) involved in the atmosphere that effects climate change co2 density etc etc etc why can't we take "chemical filters" to the source of the problem ??? Spraying water mist at high altitude to bring down carbon in the air - alternate substances could be used but the theoretical elements of the idea stay in place. Aircraft designed to carry water at high altitude with functional spray jets to disperse water cleanup options INTREPID ARTS AUSTRALIA

  • Daryl Cleary

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    Carbon capture systems which only remove a tiny percentage of the carbon and none of the other toxins or toxic waste storage are just a distraction and the defunding mechanism to keep us from advancing real non-pollution emitting systems. It would be best to stop pollution at its source FIRST or we can never get caught up with cleaning the air

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