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The Green Paradox
By: Peter Westerneng ( Captain Boing 737 KLM)
The production of electric cars requires rare minerals, such as lithium (8kg), cobalt (14kg) and manganese (20kg). Of course with differences. For example, the battery of a Tesla Model S even contains more than 60 kg of lithium. In the Netherlands alone, more than 11 million cars are currently on the road, of which approximately 600,000 are electric cars. This required a total of about 8.4 million kg of cobalt. To produce this, a 1500-fold amount of ore had to be excavated, or 12,600,000,000 kg (12.6 million tonnes). For only cobalt from the current Dutch electric cars. There are about 1.4 billion cars worldwide. For us cobalt, large land masses are excavated in, for example, Congo, often under appalling conditions and often by children:

Human rights are ignored and meanwhile the environment is polluted with toxic waste from this production:

Fortunately, the batteries are often charged by wind energy and solar energy. This also requires large quantities of minerals and despite the fact that we are working hard to improve the recycling of solar panels, windmills and batteries of electric cars, this is only partially possible and especially the first generation of these things is hardly recyclable. The blades of old windmills of earlier generations are even simply buried:

Unfortunately, the sun does not shine every day and it does not blow every day. Alternatives are therefore still necessary, unless you can supply a multiple of the required production, or store it in even more batteries. In the Netherlands, about 3,000 wind turbines are on land and wind energy accounts for more than 4 percent of the total energy demand. Fortunately, the number of windmills is increasing rapidly, also in the sea. Where windmills appear, nature departs. Everything for a "greener" world. The orange spot in the picture below is the Netherlands. At scale in Africa. It is a good thing that we do not have minerals such as cobalt, lithium and manganese in our soil, because otherwise there would be no place left to place windmills. Even the expropriation of farmland does not offer a solution. Let's take care of our beautiful world and keep looking at the big picture, even beyond our borders. #groeneparadox #duurzaam #sustainability

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  • Munene Mugambi

    44 w

    What should be done is set up of production companies like Tesla and Volkswagen in the mineral source countries to add value to their products instead of exporting them

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