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Good climate news this week
1. Methane-tracking satellite launched
2. SEC in new climate disclosure rules
3. Italy to phase out coal from 2025
4. JBS greenwashing lawsuit ahead of IPO
5. Wind #1 source of electricity in Germany
6. Australia LNG exports down for 1st time since 2015
Climate anxiety is real and widespread. This thread ⬆️, which has run weekly for more than 4 years, aggregates good climate news to show that climate action and climate justice are widespread – and have momentum. Just keep on clicking for a big dose of good climate news!
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  • Sarah Chabane

    5 w

    But Italy is phasing out coal to replace it with gas 🤔 is it something we should be so happy about

    • Munene Mugambi

      5 w

      I believe the greatest thing we can learn about the efforts of climate activists is that our efforts are actually paying off albeit slowly at times. This is a source of encouragement for us all to share within our circles as we help each other attain sustainability and beat climate change

      • Boniface Kuria

        5 w

        Its always insightful to see some good climate updates. Keep up the good work of keeping us informed.

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