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Within sight of New York City, a despoiled river comes back to life

In 1997, he founded Hackensack Riverkeeper, an organization devoted to preserving the watershed and raising awareness about the importance of conservation efforts.
So far, Sheehan—a one-time professional drummer with a full mustache and an earring—has managed to block property developers and companies from doing further damage, after 60 percent of the swamps were drained for construction.
After a litany of negotiations and legal maneuvering, he also saw to it that a nature preserve was created covering about 8,400 acres (3,400 hectares)—without spending a dime.
From a treatment plant upstream to a hotel down south, Captain Sheehan—as he is often called—has put a stop to the illegal dumping of wastewater, thanks to court rulings and coverage on local television news.
He launched a lawsuit that led to industrial conglomerate Honeywell being found liable for the cleanup of a site in Jersey City along the river that was contaminated with chromium residue, at a cost of several hundred million dollars.

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  • winnie nguru

    47 w

    This is uplifting. He is doing an amazing job!

    • Rashid Kamau

      47 w

      River restoration not only promotes a quality environment but also provides people with a place that fulfil variety of social and psychological needs.

      • Munene Mugambi

        47 w

        If we had such orgs in all cities imagine the scope of what we could accomplish

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