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I got goosebumps when presenting the new KNMI (Netherlands)scenarios. The average annual temperature at the end of this century could be 4.4 degrees Celsius higher than the current 10.5 degrees. The summer temperature may rise even more by 5.1 degrees! And then it's about averages. The sea level could 'just' be 2.5 metres higher in 2100. And if the melting of Antarctica goes faster, you can see in the attached graph that the sea level around 2300 could be 15 meters (!) higher in an extreme case. Congratulations to the KNMI - Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut for the important report and the underlying figures. As a member of the Climate Scenarios Sounding Board Group, I was able to watch and think along with the realization. All details of the scenarios can be found on the website:

I can advise everyone to look at the information and actively consider the possible implications for yourself, privately, at work and for your children and grandchildren. And important to think about what you can and will do to adapt (more). Yes, our emissions must also be reduced, but we must all fully adapt. It still doesn't have to be all that overnight, but we have to start or continue with it and put some extra energy on it. The climate scenarios offer a wonderful tool for this. Good luck!


  • Munene Mugambi

    39 w

    Such figures are scary when you deep it. This is a dystopian future we're looking at. Wake up people

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