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NEMA bans use of plastic garbage bags and liners

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) on Monday, April 22 banned the use of plastic garbage bags and bin liners. In a statement, NEMA noted that in 2017, the government had banned the manufacture, importation and use of plastic carrier bags and flat bags used for commercial and household packaging. As such, the Authority remarked that there would be a crackdown to ensure that this was fully adhered to. To ensure environmentally sound management of the organic waste fraction, the Authority hereby directs that within 90 days from the date of this notice; All organic waste generated by households, private sector and public sector institutions, religious institutions, private and public functions and events; shall strictly be segregated and placed in 100 per cent biodegradable garbage bags/ bin liners only," the statement read in part.

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  • Ann Nyambura

    1 d

    This ban is a necessary action to combat plastic pollution.

    • George Kariuki

      5 w

      100% biodegradable garbage bags are a great alternative. Hopefully this will encourage people to be more mindful of waste management.

      • Grace Njeri

        3 w

        @george_kariuki Biodegradable trash bags are the best since they are environmental friendly

      • winnie nguru

        5 w

        This is great. They need the reinforce the bans earlier made though

        • Saustine Lusanzu

          5 w

          Bold move by NEMA! This was also implemented in Tanzania and the results were good!

          • Annett Michuki..

            5 w

            quite a great move

            • walter lungayi

              5 w

              NEMA is taking a proactive stance in promoting sustainable practices and environmental conservation. This ban on plastic garbage bags and liners by NEMA is a commendable step towards mitigating the environmental impact of plastic waste. Such initiatives play a vital role in fostering eco-friendly habits and encouraging the adoption of alternative, more sustainable materials for waste management. They should also provide alternative solutions.

              • Saustine Lusanzu

                5 w

                @walter_lungayi NEMA is leading by example

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