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Sempack is a new eco-friendly universal packaging. It is a flexible pouch which stand up or down.

This flexible conical pouch is made of a 100% recyclable monomaterial film and was created in order to offer an alternative to existing packagings but also to provide an eco-responsible solution to the worldwide plastic pollution issue.
Sempack has a very high restitution rate and is very light (more than bottles or Doypack). Consequently, we need less material to create Sempack than other packagings.
It has a low carbon footprint and is ultra-compressible. The company is conscious about the planet’s pollution and cares about the bad impact of plastics on the environment, that is why we partnered up to create an eco designed packaging.

The environmental benefits
• Sempack is 53% less heavier than a plastic bottle
• Sempack Original is composed at 100% of the same material, so it is recyclable
• Restitution rate of 96%, whereas a plastic bottle has a restitution rate of 86%
• Emits 264g less CO2 eq than a plastic bottle on the food market, and 167g less CO2 eq than a tube

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  • Evangeline Wanjiru

    54 w

    This will definitely re-define packaging

    • Peter Kamau

      56 w

      Impressive!!Eco-packaging should scale this up and and instill the sense behind this amazing alternative into companies that need to become eco-conscious in their packaging

      • Munene Mugambi

        56 w

        Indeed it is a packaging revolution

        • Tabitha Kimani

          56 w

          A true revolution. Now let the world utilize this packaging.

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