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🌍 Nigeria's climate resilience is on the rise and we must take urgent action now! By implementing good adaptation and mitigation strategies, we will be preparing for the changing climate and protecting our communities. What can be more than empowering young change-makers aged 10 to 25 to become environmental stewards, empowering them to lead the fight against climate change? Let's join hands to build resilient communities that can meet their needs while preserving the needs of future generations. https://www.givengain.com/cc/empowering-young-changemakers-to-fight-climate-change/ 💪🌿 #ClimateResilience #Adaptation #Nigeria #climateemergency #GreenLeaders #climateactivism #GreenGenius #EcoWarriors #EmpowerYoungChangemakers #GreenGeneration #ClimateActionNow #EnvironmentalSustainability #FutureStewards #ChampionsOfChange #YouthForClimate #ClimateHeroes

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        Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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