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The progression of climate denial unfolds in seven stages: In the face of proactive businesses and institutions worldwide, we continually confront #climatechange denial. This denial can stem from political ideologies, economic motives, misinformation from social media, or simple ignorance. However, we must counteract it because it benefits businesses. Here are the responses: 1. Claim: It isn't real - Response: Yes, it is. The evidence is overwhelming, and it's recognized by global governments. 2. Claim: It's not our fault - Response: In fact, it is. Human-induced greenhouse gas emissions are the primary culprits. 3. Claim: The situation isn't dire - Response: It's already severe, just look around, and it's bound to worsen. 4. Claim: We have plenty of time - Response: The reality is, we must act urgently and decisively NOW. 5. Claim: Solutions are too costly - Response: On the contrary, most solutions save money. Project Drawdown indicates that going #netzero could result in savings of up to $46 trillion. 6. Claim: Here's a pseudo-solution - Response: Dismiss distractions like 'hydrogen' and focus on proven technologies like wind, solar, hydro, tidal, geothermal, and more. 7. Claim: It's too late, scientists should have warned us earlier - Response: We have been alerting you since the late 1980s, so this argument holds no ground.

  • Annett Michuki..

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    are the considerate about the dangers than come with climate crisis

    • Munene Mugambi

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      Climate deniers are a disaster on their own

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