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Daniel Paffenholz finds fortune in Nairobi garbage.

Daniel Paffenholz, an environmentalist, founded TakaTaka Solutions in 2011 to address Nairobi's waste management issues. Unlike traditional methods, his company sorts, recycles, and composts waste, achieving a remarkable 90% recovery rate compared to the industry average of 10%. Despite challenges like cheap dumping and inadequate facilities, TakaTaka aims to process 1,200 tonnes of waste daily in the next five years. Daniel advises aspiring entrepreneurs in waste management to be patient and invest in the right equipment. He calls for collective responsibility in promoting recyclable designs and implementing sustainable waste management practices.

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  • Ann Nyambura

    2 w

    His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs offers valuable insights for driving positive change.

    • johnte ndeto

      9 w

      This is so encouraging to invest in takataka initiative

      • Felix mokaya

        9 w

        @johnte_ndeto Yeah ,it is a very good initiative

      • George Kariuki

        10 w

        Daniel Paffenholz's work with TakaTaka Solutions in Nairobi is truly commendable and serves as an inspiring example of innovative thinking in waste management.

        • Felix mokaya

          10 w

          Great to hear such an inspiring story from Daniel .Such people who do this great work should be helped by the government to get the facilities and even funds .

          • walter lungayi

            10 w

            That's an inspiring story! Daniel Paffenholz's innovative approach to waste management in Nairobi is commendable. His focus on recycling and composting to achieve such a high recovery rate is truly impressive. It's great to see entrepreneurs like him making a positive impact on the environment and setting an example for sustainable practices.

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