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EIB approves EUR 1.6bn in clean energy financing globally

The board of directors of the European Investment Bank (EIB) has greenlighted EUR 1.6 billion (USD 1.72bn) of new financing to support renewable energy generation and strengthen electricity distribution networks to allow the adoption of more clean energy.

The funds are part of a broader EUR-3.2-billion energy transition package that will support projects within clean energy, including over EUR 1 billion for transport investment and EUR 526 million to support corporate innovation and business investment.

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  • Grace Njeri

    1 w

    We must triple clean energy investment to curb climate change

    • johnte ndeto

      9 w

      This is so encouraging as this funds will really push for climate agenda

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        9 w

        This is a very encouraging move, other financial institutions should learn from EIB, they should give their support to clean energy and not fossil fuel

        • Jane Wangui

          9 w

          @elizbeth_gathigia This particular financial help could achieve alot if used for the intended purpose and managed well.

        • George Kariuki

          9 w

          EIB's commitment to clean energy financing represents a positive step forward in the global effort to combat climate change and achieve a more sustainable future for generations to come.

          • Felix mokaya

            9 w

            This is great news from EIB .Its renewable energy all the way

            • walter lungayi

              9 w

              That's a significant step! The approval of EUR 1.6 billion in clean energy financing by the EIB globally shows a strong commitment to supporting sustainable energy projects. It's encouraging to see such investments being made towards a greener future.

              • Princess

                9 w

                This substantial financing will drive forward crucial initiatives to expand clean energy infrastructure, reduce carbon emissions, and foster economic growth.

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