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Keir Starmer accused of wavering on climate commitments

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer has faced accusations of wavering on climate commitments after the party refused to commit to the £11.6 billion climate funding pledge made to the world's poorest nations. This decision has drawn criticism from aid NGOs, who argue that meeting the flagship pledge made at COP26 to protect vulnerable countries against the climate crisis is nearly impossible under current plans. Without policy changes or additional funding from the Treasury, the commitment to rainforests and poor nations is unlikely to be fulfilled. A leaked document revealed that ministers were being prepared for the policy's failure.
If Labour were to win the next general election, it would need to spend £4.2 billion in the 2025-26 spending cycle to meet the UK's climate finance commitment, which was originally intended to be spread over a five-year period. This would account for 83% of the Foreign Office aid budget, potentially necessitating cuts to humanitarian funding and other areas, such as aid to Ukraine. When approached by the Guardian, spokespeople for key Labour figures, including the shadow net zero and energy secretary Ed Miliband, the shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves, and Keir Starmer himself, declined to commit to the funding pledge, which forms part of a global $100 billion-a-year fund to mitigate the impact of the climate crisis on the world's poorest people.
Labour had initially pledged to invest £28 billion per year on climate measures until 2030, but they have since stated that they would achieve this figure by the middle of their first term in parliament, focusing primarily on domestic green energy, housing, and transport. Last year, the party also pledged that some climate spending would be included in the aid budget. The concerns raised by NGOs and campaigners highlight the importance of honoring climate commitments and the potential ethical, moral, and global consequences of wavering on climate funding pledges.

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  • winnie nguru

    49 w

    Its time leaders walked the talk.

    • Andy Kadir-Buxton

      49 w

      I have told Keir how the Kadir-Buxton Method will save the UK £100 billion a year, enough to fund any low carbon plan.

      • Joyce Waturu

        49 w

        It's wrong for such a leader to treat the climate crisis with so much contempt while he's got the power and might to address it instead.

        • Peter Kamau

          49 w

          It's sad and really perturbing that the labor party would treat the climate crisis as inconsequential where as so much faith and hope is bestowed on its members' leadership potential to take the necessary measures to help arrest this dire situation

          • Kevin

            49 w

            This is very non committal and frustrating

            • Rashid Kamau

              49 w

              Climate justice requires that climate action is consistent with existing human rights agreements, obligations, standards and principles.

              • zelda ninga

                49 w

                My worry is if the funds contributed by the rich nations to the poor countries towards climate change whether they'll be put into good use .

                • Joseph Githinji

                  49 w

                  Leaders should not be people pleasers by pledging what they can't achieve. We need truth and attainable goals. Actions talk louder, we need action now.

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