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Exciting #SET100 News: SET Award 2024 Finalist, Roam Accelerates Electric Mobility in Kenya with $24M Series A Funding! 🚀 With this fresh capital, Roam is set to scale up the production of its electric motorcycles and buses, aiming for a production rate of 1,000 motorcycles a month to meet the surging demand. This Series A funding, led by Equator, a climate tech VC focused on Africa also saw contributions from notable investors like At One Ventures, TES Ventures, and Renew Capital, among others, highlighting the growing confidence in sustainable transport solutions. What Sets Roam Apart? 🔌 Hybrid Charging Solutions: Roam offers a unique hybrid solution for its motorcycle clientele, allowing battery charging at home or at swap stations, enhancing convenience and usability. 🇰🇪 Local Production, Global Standards: The Move bus model and motorcycles are assembled in Kenya, tailored to local conditions with high ground clearances and parts sourced from China, ensuring they meet both local needs and global standards. 💡 Innovative Design and Integration: Roam is diving deep into vertical integration, owning more designs and reducing reliance on off-the-shelf components, which will significantly cut costs and improve market competitiveness. Cheers to Roam for driving forward the future of electric mobility in Africa! Meet the team at SET Tech Festival 2024 👉

🎉 Discover more about their innovative approach 👉

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