Climate warning
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Climate warning

For publishing uncritical oil propaganda disguised as news

A bizarre piece of oil propaganda was recently published by NRK, the Norweigan public broadcasting corporation. The headline reads: ”Another record profit: The billions are pouring into the oil business” The text that follows is an uncritical celebration of the record profits of two Norwegian oil companies, and how good this is for the Norwegian treasury. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is mentioned, but only as a positive key driver to the record profits. Not a single word of the destruction and suffering of the unjust war. Not a single critical follow-up question about the climate crisis, and not a word about the need for oil companies to urgently transform their businesses.
But hang on. It gets worse. At the end of the article, Kristin Kragseth, CEO of state-owned oil company Petoro, stresses the importance of keeping searching for new oil deposits. Why? Because otherwise, oil and gas production might be halved before 2030. Eh… well, that's exactly what science tells us has to happen in order to keep the planet from over-heating. Dear @nrk_norway, please let this disastrous piece of oil propaganda serve as the baseline for a much-needed internal discussion of journalism ethics. And while you're at it, include a special session on the latest report from the IPCC.
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Full article (in Norweigan):

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  • Videlis Eddie

    64 w

    This so disappointing....

    • Sarah Chabane

      64 w

      What... that's so messed up, I thought NRK was a reliable news outlet. Obviously no

      • Gorffly mokua

        64 w

        Let them be accountable for their own actions! This is total madness.

        • We Don't Have Time

          64 w

          Dear Markus Lutteman Thank you for getting your climate warning to level 2! We have reached out to NRK and asked for a response. I will keep you updated on any progress! /Adam We Don't Have Time

          • Munene Mugambi

            64 w

            This is misleading to the public

            • Patrik Lobergh

              64 w

              Devastating news. Norway you can do much better, step up now and contribute to the Paris Agreement!

              • Evangeline Wanjiru

                64 w

                It is definitely crazy out here!

                • Ajema Lydiah

                  64 w

                  so disappointing

                  • Tabitha Kimani

                    64 w

                    This is absurd when the hot topic in the world is about the devastating effects of climate change caused by fossil fuels.

                    • Ingmar Rentzhog

                      64 w

                      It is a mad world!

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