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Hundreds of lives have been lost in Malawi because of the outbreak of Cholera. However this could have been prevented if the residents received their vaccine on time and in the right dosage. But due to shortage of vaccines the people were receiving 1 dose to last a couple of months whereas they should receive 2 doses to last around two years. The incident manager Patrick Ramathan instructed that if you do not have the disease you do not need a vaccine which should not be the case. Everyone should be protected sick or not and maybe we might save some lives.

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  • rosebellendiritu

    43 w

    The vaccine should not be administered only when there is an outbreak,it should be a process that runs throughout the year

    • winnie nguru

      44 w

      As WHO addresses the crisis let every other stakeholder including us be on the forefront to make our planet a more habitable place. We need to get to the grassroot of this crises.

      • mercy nduta

        44 w

        Urgent action well needed to boost the vaccine supply.

        • Princess

          44 w

          Urgent action is needed to increase global vaccine production.

          • Peter Kamau

            44 w

            It's sad that climate change is highly to blame for such ailments that have been on the rise lately.It's very imperative for organizations, governments, companies and so to firstly address the climate crisis.

            • Grace Njeri

              44 w

              W.H.O should put in place measures to defeat cholera epidemics and mitigate the impact of climate-related public health emergencies.

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