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Waste #reduction + #diversion is everything when it comes to changing our culture of consumption. ♻️ First, we need to #reduce our waste, then we need to find ways to #divert our waste from landfills. #Composting is an amazing example of waste diversion. 🪱🌱 Instead of having food waste go into the landfill + produce greenhouse gasses like methane, composting turns our food waste into soil! 🪱 Ways you can divert food waste with composting: If you live in a city that accepts compost in the green bins you can use the city for an easy solution. Organizations like @lacompost actually has local drop-off locations around Los Angeles. 📍 will pick up your compost from your house! No need to do anything. 🤝 Like the city bin, this is easy because it’s picked up for you. 1 BIG difference between the city bin vs is where the waste is diverted. ~Compostable LA believes in keeping it local and making the waste into soil. ~The City Bin is turned into low-emission fuel. It goes into a biodijester and get’s the methane extracted so our city can technically run on almost zero carbon, zero emissions fuel. R2R recommends composting at home whenever possible. Companies like @subpod + @eve_growing are all about helping people compost in almost any space. 🌱🪱 Not one method is right or wrong. However, composting at home is the perfect example of a #closedloop lifestyle. Check out all of these companies and let us know how you compost at home! ♻️

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    The customization options in - Build Now GG are top-notch. Love tweaking my gameplay settings.

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