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Start Up Energy Transition (SET)

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How can we navigate ESG challeneges for #energytransition metals? 🔋 As we accelerate our pace to move towards a decarbonized world, the demand for transition metals like lithium, cobalt, graphite, and rare earths continues to increase. These commodities are essential for producing electric vehicles (EVs), wind turbines, and other technologies necessary to reduce #carbonemissions. According to @Wood Mackenzie's Accelerated Energy Transition (AET) scenario, the demand for lithium is predicted to jump 940% by 2040! 💥 Its demand could soar to 6.7 million tons by 2050, a nine-fold increase from 2022 levels. 💥 This poses significant #ESG challenges, including sustainable extraction and refining methods, resource depletion, and potential #energysecurity issues. ⚡️ Innovation is at the heart of making battery production, usage, and supply chains more sustainable. The good news? The tech is already there. #SET100 start-ups like Green Li-ion, LeydenJar, Li-cycle, E-lyte among numerous others are already developing #sustech to balance the growing demand for #disruptiveminerals while meeting increasingly stringent ESG requirements. With EVs and battery storage having already displaced consumer electronics to become the largest consumer of lithium, the question is how rapidly we can commercialize these innovations? 💭 Find out more about the ESG impact of an accelerated energytransition on mining and metals 👉

The ESG Challenges for Transition Metals

Can energy transition metals markets ramp up production to satisfy demand while meeting ever-more stringent ESG requirements?

Which challenge do you think is most critical for sustainable extraction of transition metals for EV batteries?
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