Capacity Building on Climate Justice and post Cop27 Engagement for Somalia Civil Society Organizations

From November 6 to November 18, 2022, World government leaders, UN family, civil society bodies from Africa and across the world convened to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt in the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27. As Somalia youth Delegates we had the opportunity to participate COP27 and exposed to experiences. Climate Justice and demand for loss and damage was one of the major central discussion in COP27. Our experience showed us most of the CSOS from other parts of world were well prepared, have enough knowledge of the discussion matter and most of them had the ability to access the negotiation rooms. On the other hand the Somalia CSOs who were less than 10 in numbers had low experience on the discussion, were not able to join the negotiation rooms and did not had enough knowledge of the different thematic area of the topics discussion.
In regards to this I have organized Two days’ capacity building for climate justice issues, cop27 experience Sharing and building Collaboration among 15 Civil Society organizations, youth, women, activist in working together for 2023. The main activity that took place are as follows.
1. Training on Climate Justice issues
More than 15 civil society organizations, youth and women were given their first time on climate justice training issues. I delivered this training. The participants appreciated the training and Requested such training to be increased so that communities can well understand on what climate justice entails.
Mr. Hassan M. Yasin Delivering Climate Justice Training
Mr. Hassan M. Yasin Delivering Climate Justice Training

A. Post COP27 Engagement and Experience Sharing
They were seven Somalia CSOs who got the opportunity to participate in COP27. Government delegates were Also there. We have invited bot the CSOs delegates and the government to participate this experience sharing. Two of the CSOs delegates accepted our invitation and shared their experience and what they have seen in COP27. Mr. Abdilatif Hussain, Mrs Hibak and I shared our experiences with the participants The delegates told the participants on how their journey started such as obtaining accreditations, funding and visas. They have shared on what they have seen in COP27, lessons they have learnt and how they are willing to prepare for COP28 in Dubai. The audience got the opportunity to ask questions to the delegates, reports and resources to prepare for other Importance conferences of COPs.
Abdilatif Hussein Delegate of COP27 sharing his experience with the Participants.
Abdilatif Hussein Delegate of COP27 sharing his experience with the Participants.

B. Networking and Building Collaboration among CSOs for 2023
I had led focus group discussions on building networks among the Civil Society organizations. The group discussions Focused on how the participated CSOs could collaborate with Somali Greenpeace Association in 2023 based on their thematic areas such as Climate and Environment Advocacy Campaign, Climate Action Empowerment, Environmental Conservation & protection of Biodiversity and Research and Development. The group Discussions came up with key activities we should carry out on 2023. The CSOs also mentioned that they are willing to work with us in achieving our goals in 2023. Some of the key Activities they mentioned include but not limited to: media engagement on climate change, research on impacts of climate change to grass root level communities, restoration activities, and early preparation of COP meetings and other important conferences.
Focus Group Discussions on Building Networks and Collaboration for 2023
Focus Group Discussions on Building Networks and Collaboration for 2023

.Results Achieved

1. 30 People from the different sectors of the Society have gained basic knowledge of Climate justice and its
2. Participants got experience in COP27 and how they can early prepared
3. Key Activities to collaborate on 2023 between SOGPA and other Civil society organizations were developed.

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  • Sarah Chabane

    74 w

    Wow, good job! And great to see almost as many women as men joining. What was your main learning from this capacity building? :)

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