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For providing timely evidence on changing boundaries to ensure climate justice

Earth observations for protecting the ecological boundaries In midst of climate change and other environment challenges, real time data followed by near real time interventions are the need of the day to minimize the loss and damage. Data and information provided by the Earth Observatories can make a difference, while making decisions and taking appropriate actions. Let us take the example of the destructive fire at Maui, Devastation in Maui (

). The satellite imagery taken on 08.08.2023, at 10:25 local time shows the world, how a wild fire with strong winds and dry weather is devastating Hawaii’s second largest island. Maui faced peak gusts between 7th to 9th August, 2023 over 72-107 Kilometers. The world knows how a town with 13000 residents is deeply suffering and can come forward for providing assistance. A visit to this same website shows how fire is spreading in all directions from Canada to Australia. Time stamped images also help in understanding the changing boundaries of different natural resources like forest, rivers, coastline and wetlands. Man is invading all corners of nature to cater the need and greed of its growing population, which is expected hit the 9 billion mark within next 26-27 years. Availability of technologies like JBC and other tools have enhanced the speed and power of encroachments multiple times. It is now more essential to keep a sharper vigil on the changing boundaries of natural system of different sizes for planning appropriate and timely interventions. A click in

gives us an idea about flood zones and heat maps in India.
Use of earth observations, available in public domain are helping all concerned, who are fighting for the natural bodies. Earth observations are also helping in planning different conservation and management measures intelligently and judiciously. Ensuring justice also become easier when shrinking boundary of a forest or a wetland or a pond over time is clearly visible in the records and images available in the earth neutral observatory sites. Decision based on information from authenticated sites bring transparency in the decision making systems and builds trust. Global maps available in NASA site Global Maps (

) from February 2020 to June 2023 can help the climate warriors to understand the recent changes much faster for taking action. Information is the tool and knowledge is the power for staying in the right path. The fight against climate change also demands urgent actions in right path.
Ease of availability and accessibility of satellite maps and images from earth observatory sites across the globe help in meeting these climate emergencies. EO sites deserve climate love and gratitude from climate warriors.

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    NASA's Earth observations are a shining example of visionary stewardship, playing a pivotal role in protecting our planet's ecological boundaries.

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