Climatebase at COP27: Creating Careers in Climate Solutions

During the UN climate conference COP27, Climatebase participated in the COP27 Climate Hub, an on-site and digital broadcast hosted by We Don’t Have Time from Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt. We were one of the contestants in the Dragonfly’s Den competition, where we pitched our business as a standout solution in fighting the climate crisis. Evan Hynes, CEO and Co-founder of Climatebase, joined the broadcast from the United States to talk about creating dedicated roles in sustainability across every industry.
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Evan Hynes joined the COP27 Climate Hub on November 8th, 2022, to talk about creating dedicated green and sustainable roles in the modern workforce.

Evan shared his own personal frustrations with the apathy of those around him when it came to “the world burning around them”. He touched on how everyone has inherent “blinders” when it comes to the climate crisis, explaining that the prevailing sentiment amongst many people is that “the world is screwed, I’m not doing anything about it,” but with very little clear pathways to doing their part.
When finding his own job ahead of creating Climatebase, Evan found several challenges in his way:
“One: I couldn’t find actual climate jobs. LinkedIn & Indeed simply don’t answer the critical question that hundreds of millions of people need to know if they’re going to be working on climate, which is: Which organizations are working on climate and who’s hiring?”
He went on to explain that the current status quo of job-seeking, i.e. searching for jobs virtually, doesn’t provide the tools necessary to make finding a green role simple.
“Climate isn’t a single industry or a sector, rather climate is a filter, it’s a lens through which we can see all these sectors, industries and organizations and their jobs… These platforms are unable to do so without running the risk of greenwashing.”
This is as much a problem for people seeking careers with sustainable impacts as it is for the companies who are creating climate solutions as well. With an estimated 75,000 climate companies worldwide working actively on their own environmental solutions, their most common pain point is actually hiring people to fill a wide variety of roles.
“Hiring is their number one greatest challenge. It is the number one pain point listed amongst climate companies, including renewable energy companies, climate tech companies, of which there are many, as well as environmental non-profits.”
Evan was quick to outline just how critical it was to create an infrastructure that connected these people to the right sort of climate solution companies. With these businesses on the frontlines of climate action, but without the expertise or workforce to effectively scale up or manage their services, the global progression of finding new climate solutions is being stagnated.
Climatebase aims to be the one-stop solution for solving this gap in the careers market. They help climate companies find mission-driving talent.
“We’re able to answer the question: Which organizations are working on climate and who is hiring?”
They combine a hyper-focused community baked into the platform, made up of both companies and professionals, and layer that with an active news feed of climate solutions, updates, podcasts, and more.
Despite only being active for a few years, they’re already the number one platform bringing companies and professionals together over careers in the green arena.
“To date, we’ve had nearly a million people use Climatebase to discover organizations and apply to their jobs focused on climate. We now have over 45,000 jobs posted to the platform in the last two years. We quite literally have the world’s best data on climate jobs.”
Evan shared how important this is, not just in connecting professionals with businesses now, but in helping showcase the insights on what careers in climate are the most in-demand and accessible. Careers are often thought of as role or industry specific, but Climatebase aims to show that youth or young professionals looking to work for a green company just how in-demand their skill sets could be.
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With green roles compounding in growth every year by 17.5%, this is an infinitely growing industry and space. And because it’s not a “winner takes all market” because companies use multiple platforms to post for hiring, there’s no inherent competition that threatens Climatebase’s success.
As a business, Climatebase is set up to revolutionize how careers are looked at, allowing talent both young and old to make their careers have a green impact.

Rewatch the COP27 Climate Hub anytime on We Don’t Have Time Play.

  • Daryl Cleary

    21 w

    How can I find environmental jobs in Louisville Kentucky

    • Sarah Chabane

      23 w

      Super interesting, I think there is a real need for platforms such as Climatebase, people want to work in climate but don't know where to start looking!

      • Ford Brodeur

        23 w

        Great to hear how Climatebase is fighting the climate crisis! I thought this part of the article was particularly eye-opening: "With an estimated 75,000 climate companies worldwide working actively on their own environmental solutions, their most common pain point is actually hiring people to fill a wide variety of roles."

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