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📣 THE HOTTEST KEYWORDS .. in climate are not "offsetting" or "climate neutral". The hottest keywords are the ones that trigger real transformation. ​ The race towards net zero is increasingly picking up speed. Not because we throw around buzzwords, but because we are getting closer towards tremendous pressure - from customers, the market and climate itself 🌎 If there isn't much behind green claims, the damage is coming. #Sustainability and #climate are trending. And that's just great! However, what is communicated to the outside world, must also result in authentic actions in reality - beyond marketing 🤔 ​🙌​ Every single company has to transform in the next years, cutting emissions and creating positive climate impact. This is not an easy journey to be on. But we are all in it together! Therefore we nominate here our 3 Keywords for a successful climate transformation. Which ones would you add? 📊 TCFD The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) is an initiative launched by the Financial Stability Board with the purpose of helping to identify the information needed to appropriately assess and evaluate climate-related risks and opportunities. Managing climate-relevant data is needed to comply with TCFD. 📉 CLIMATE PERFORMANCE A holistic management of a company's climate maturity allows to understand how well it transforms towards zero emissions. This understanding goes far beyond CO2 measuring, it includes the 5 dimensions: Governance, Strategy, Transparency, KPIs and Decarbonization Measures. 🔗 SCOPE 3 As 90 % of a company’s emissions are indirect, having a close look at the supply chain is a vital part of any company's climate transformation. Tackling those so called Scope 3 emissions is essential to truly drive decarbonization. Vote for your most important Climate Keyword for 2022, in the comments 🗯️

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