Climate love

Patrick Kiash

31 w

William Ruto

Climate love

Kenyan President urges Kenyans to plant more trees. His new administration plans to plant 5 billion trees.

Forest products contribute to our daily living through wood, food, and medicine. We also rely on them for the essential element we need to survive: oxygen. In this way, trees absorb carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. Apart from their functional value in our lives, forests also have superb beauty. If you’ve ever stepped into a forest, you understand how grand and powerful it can feel. We also explore the forest’s beauty through paintings and many other art forms. Together, let’s appreciate nature and reflect on the ways to preserve and protect it. The President of Kenya, said, the following in attached link-:)

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  • Elizabeth Gathigia

    21 w

    Burning of charcoal should be put to an end, it's our responsibility to protect our nature by keeping it clean n green for it plays a major role in our lives

    • lewis Muia

      30 w

      charcoal burning business in Kitui county should be stopped as soon as possible and another form of income generating activity to be introduced

      • Daryl Cleary

        31 w

        We should stop burning fuel which kills trees and all living things

        • Fredrick Nundu

          31 w

          Very true our own president is a climate change activist not a climate activist denier

          • Lukz Jones

            31 w

            We have a great president

            • Tabitha Kimani

              31 w

              Forest cover plays a major role in carbon sequestration and carbon sinking. I believe in will achieve this.

              • Kihm Francis

                31 w

                This is so nice coming from him, hopefully it's not one of those false promises they make. Because honestly this is something that should have been done longtime ago, maybe we wouldn't be experiencing drought in someparts of our country.

                Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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