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Circular Energy - Inspired by the lizards, awarded at COP28
Energy for heating and cooling represents almost 50% of the EU’s total energy consumption. That's a lot of energy and like that’s not enough - there is a triad of insights that together creates a big problem for us;
1. 80% of the heating & cooling energy comes from non-renewable sources and produced through combustion, resulting in pollution of the air we breathe in our cities and emission of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.
2. 70% of Europe’s population are living in urban areas and as the cities grow with the ongoing urbanization - so will the demand of heating and cooling.
3. At last, and very contradictory to the previous insights – we waste as much heat in Europe as the total heating consumption of the same continent.

When we are cooling our cities we expel excess heat in the process – cooling is in fact removal of heat. When cooling a building excess heat is therefore generated, just like an refrigerator in your kitchen. Traditionally we have designed our cities heating and cooling systems separately, resulting in this excess heat often released straight into the air. This presents a clear paradox – we continue to supply energy for heating one part of the city but at the same time we waste excess heat when cooling another part of it.
Imagine if we capture and reuse more of the excess energy that’s already within cities and use that as energy source for the future! Last year E.ON innovation ectogrid™ won the COP28 Energy Transition Changemakers Award in category Energy Efficiency - highlighting the global importance of a solution like this one.
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E.ON ectogrid™ - a circular energy system for heating and cooling that on a large scale reuse and share excess energy between buildings. Just like a ectothermic lizard the energy system adapts to surrounding temperatures and each building energy need.
E.ON ectogrid™ enables balancing of thermal energy flows between buildings. Given it's decentralized nature, temperatures are highly flexible facilitating sharing and harvesting of excess energy.The ectogrid™ system revolves around decentralized usage of heat pump technology coupled with a bi-directional low temperature thermal grid to deliver the necessary heating and cooling to connected customers with unprecedented efficiency. The resulting excess energy from each building is shared on the common grid consisting of only two pipes - a warm pipe and a cold pipe.
E.ON ectocloud™ fully unlocks the potential of ectogrid™ by digitally connecting all components, optimizing energy balancing, storage, and harvesting based on local conditions, energy demands, availability, and prices.
Remaining energy demand is supplied centrally to the grid and can be of many forms, preferably through passive or ambient energy, e.g. low temp waste heat from e.g. industry, data centres etc or energy from ground, lake, sea or air. Energy storage is used to increase the share of balanced and passive energy used in the system as well as to provide energy flexibility.
The energy management software ectocloud™ enables optimisation and control of temperature and balancing levels of the decentralised thermal system to improve the efficiency (COP) of the assets and adapts to electricity grid conditions and/or renewable electricity production.
The combination of all these technologies significantly increases energy circularity while reducing primary energy consumption, costs, and environmental impact.

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Read more about E.ON ectogrid™ :

References to the above statements:,total%20gross%20final%20energy%20consumption.

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