Climate idea


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Climate idea

Hello, we are new on We Don't Have Time and aim at changing the world with you

We are Glibl, a digital business card solution which aim at to bring to business the possibility to reduce paper use. Do you know for 1 paper business card, it is more than 1 liter of water wasted to manufacture ? Do you know a paper business card is lost or classified or thrown in about 3 days only ? Do you know it is many billion paper business cards printed each years in the world, so many billion of liters of water wasted. And if you business card will be more sustainable ? If you business card will never be lost ? If it will be updated instantly ? If it permit to create a strongest link with the people you meet ? If it permit to win time and to manger better your team ? Thats the promises of Glibl. The only real digital business cards with all the power of the business card and the digital.

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  • Tabitha Kimani

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    The need to go paperless with business cards and avoid unnecessary wastage of resources.

    • Sarah Chabane

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      A great alternative to physical business cards!

      • Patrick Kiash

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        • Markus Lutteman

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          Welcome to We Don’t Have Time. Happy to have you here!

          Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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