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Royal Opera House's controversial BP sponsorship ends after 33 years Published

The Royal Opera House has become the latest cultural venue to cut ties with BP, as the oil giant's sponsorship ended after 33 years. The move follows protests from environmental campaigners about the company's funding of the London venue as well as other arts institutions. BP's sponsorship of the National Portrait Gallery and Royal Shakespeare Company has also ended in recent years. Pressure group Culture Unstained said the news represented "a seismic shift". BP had sponsored the Royal Opera House's BP Big Screens, which showed opera and ballet in Trafalgar Square and around the UK. Read more;

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  • walter lungayi

    69 w

    It should have ended long time ago

    • Annett Michuki..

      69 w

      Great sacrifice to drop big sponsors who harm our planet.

      • Mary Mwaura

        69 w

        The efforts to take care of the climate are paying off. It's a matter of joing hands

        • We Don't Have Time

          70 w

          Dear Kihm Francis Thank you for getting your climate love to level 2! We have reached out to ROYAL OPERA HOUSE and requested a response. I will keep you updated on any progress! /Adam We Don't Have Time

          • Tabitha Kimani

            70 w

            The war on climate is winning. This is in the best interest for survival in the planet.

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