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The latest State of Finance for Nature report shows nearly $7 trillion is invested annually in activities which are harming nature, while investments in nature-based solutions total only around $200 billion. It’s time to flip these numbers around, towards solutions that work for nature!

  • walter lungayi

    18 w

    This stark contrast in investment highlights the urgent need to redirect financial resources towards nature-based solutions for a sustainable future.

    • Gorffly mokua

      18 w

      This is a warning sign and must be addressed by policymakers worldwide with urgency!

      • Munene Mugambi

        18 w

        It is time we publicly displayed info of the organisations funding such activities so we can blacklist them for activities that are writing our doom.

      • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

        18 w

        The State of Finance for Nature report reveals a stark contrast: nearly $7 trillion is invested annually in activities harming nature, while only around $200 billion is allocated to nature-based solutions. It's imperative to flip these numbers, redirecting investments towards sustainable, nature-friendly solutions. A paradigm shift in financial priorities is crucial for a harmonious coexistence with nature. 🌿💰 #NatureInvestments #ClimateActionNow

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