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Adam Wallin

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Polarn O. Pyret

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Why buy two gloves when you can buy one?

We've all been there. We lose one of our gloves and now the other one is very hard to use, since it's missing its counterpart. Especially for parents, this happens a lot when children tend to leave their gloves or mittens all over the place. Swedish children's clothing brand Polarn O Pyret has a very simple solution for this - selling single gloves. Where other brands might be tempted to keep selling gloves in pairs to increase sales, this company has taken this step as a part of their journey to being more circular. Other steps in this journey include helping customers sell their used clothes. They also offer fewer discounts in their stores thanks to an optimized production process that means that they have less products that are "left over" and need to be sold out. Their goal is that each of their pieces of clothing should be used by at least 3 children. Thank you to the SB Insights Report for this piece of news, and the image below.

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  • Christina Carlmark

    34 w

    So simple - and so ingenious!

    • Sarah Chabane

      34 w

      That's a cool and useful initiative!

      • Johannes Luiga

        34 w

        Great initiative

        • Muhammad Fahd Khan

          34 w

          Thats what humane businesses do! 💚 🌿 🌴

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