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Andreas Cervenka explains how society MANUFACTURES money from "nothing". What happens to the climate then?

When we state that we/society subsidizes the fossil industry, it is overlooked that it is ALSO about increasing the amount of money in the world economy. An increased amount of money which in the long run gives room for increased consumption and thus also more co2.
The increasing amount of money is a big problem and most of us contribute to it. The worst are the banks that lend money they don't have and the national banks that sometimes fill up the system !!
It was a long time ago that banks lent only depositors' money. The system can most closely be compared to old-time promissory notes that could be converted into money. If you borrow a million (with, for example, the house as collateral), you and the bank have "manufactured" and added a million to the economy and increased consumption.
Andreas explains this better and the short play version takes about an hour.
A text version is available, use Google translator. The text remains 30 days after the last program aired on August 20.

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