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‘Staggering’ green growth gives hope for 1.5C, says global energy chief

The IEA brings us some good news, showing that the huge growth in renewable energy generation places the world on track for the 1.5°C plan, although much work still needs to be done, particularly by rich countries who need to step up their game even more:

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  • Joseph Githinji

    36 w

    There is much to be done but with the right intention and the few steps so far ,there is hope for a sustainable future.

    • Grace Njeri

      36 w

      @joseph_githinji Yes! We will outshine Fossil fuels.

    • walter lungayi

      36 w

      The staggering growth in renewable energy generation is a positive sign for achieving the 1.5°C plan. However, rich countries must do more to further accelerate this transition to renewable energy sources.

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        36 w

        Alot needs to be done but with renewable energy ⚡ there's hope

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