Blue economy should follow the inter-connectivity of “blue marble.”

Inter-connectivity of different parts of hydro sphere is sustaining live in earth, which is often fondly called as a “blue marble”. The earth indeed looks like a blue marble in the sky from space. The interplay of water in different forms (cloud and steam, water, ice) is continuously altering the designs of this blue marble. The hydro-logical cycle is governing the weather and meteorology. The biosphere in all form is also connected and this ‘infinite continuum’ makes everything so fascinating and beautiful in earth. Blue economy, which is emerging as a strong force for sustaining the marine and aquatic life across nations should acknowledge this inter-connectivity. Dwindling fish reserve of oceans and seas are a serious concern and it deserves warlike actions. Appropriate actions are being planned and implemented for protection and conversations of marine and aquatic life under the aegis of blue economy. In this pursuit the small scale fisheries should not be left out. The small scale fisheries are providing livelihoods to millions of poorer fish farmers and essential nutrition to millions of citizens in Global South. International Collective in Support of Fishworkers has very rightfully voiced the demand of larger community in global south for inclusion of small scale fisheries in to the net of emerging blue economy on 21.08.2023 in it daily alert (

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). A deeper thought shall indicate that this inclusion of small-scale fish farmings shall be beneficial for many countries in developing world including the big nations like India.

  • Munene Mugambi

    33 w

    This, if it works would be wonderful

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