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The findings of the #GlobalStocktake lay bare just how far the world is from achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and emphasize the closing window of opportunity. But it also illuminates a path forward that governments must follow to combat the climate crisis, including:

Shifting away from fossil fuels, scale up renewables 🛢️
Transforming farming, forests and food systems 🍏
Reducing transport emissions 🚗
Increasing action and finance for adaptation and loss & damage 💰
Achieving climate finance goals and scale up 🌱
Strengthening accountability for climate action 📊

Read WRI Climate’s latest explainer on the #GST to learn more about the latest findings and what is needed to bridge the gaps at #COP28 to accelerate action across systems.

  • Princess

    29 w

    Action is needed now to align with the Paris Agreement objectives. 🌎🌱

    • Munene Mugambi

      30 w

      I think the Global Stocktake shows just how far we are from achieving our goals in climate change and it shows we have to make more and better efforts


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