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It's B Corp month! Icebug is part of B Lab – a global network of companies that care more about the world than filling their own pockets. The movement includes some of the world’s most respected makers of everything from ice cream to outdoor gear – and even financial services. And with “respected” we mean respected for their efforts in social and environmental issues.

The B in B Corps means that we want to Benefit the world. The B also means that we are committed to accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement.

We are not perfect – but we are on a journey doing our best to bring value to the world and help improve things where we can!

This March we’ll share posts on the B Corp movement and how we try to end "business as usual" together with our friends throughout the world.

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  • George Kariuki

    4 w

    Absolutely love that Icebug is a B Corp using business as a force for good! This is exactly what we need.

    • Sarah Chabane

      4 w

      Let's bring transparency and accountability to the fashion and footwear industry 💪

      • Adam Wallin

        4 w

        You are a role model in transparency and responsible business, looking forward to learning more about B-Corps!

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