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Largest timber construction project in the world is being built in Stockholm
By: Hidde Middelweerd
The largest timber construction project in the world will be located in Stockholm in a few years' time. The project by developer Atrium Ljungberg covers more than 250,000 square meters and has 2,000 wooden homes and 7,000 wooden office spaces. The first buildings should be ready for use in 2027.

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The project is called Stockholm Wood City and will be located in the south of the Swedish capital. “This historic project is Swedish innovation at its best,” says Annica Ånäs, CEO of Atrium Ljungberg. “The ecological footprint of the construction industry is huge. With these kinds of projects we can make a difference.”

Wood construction is on the rise and there are more and more wood construction projects worldwide, including in the Netherlands. But these projects are often limited to one apartment complex or a number of homes. A complete district, consisting of several large buildings, is still unique.

Benefits of timber construction
Wood construction provides a number of proven benefits. Firstly, wood is a renewable material that captures CO2 (also when used in buildings). Research by the province of South Holland from 2019, for example, showed that the Netherlands would save 100 million tons of CO2 if all homes were built with wood until 2030. In addition, a number of scientific studies indicate that timber construction leads to a more pleasant and healthier indoor climate. But there are also many myths about wood construction. For example, that you cannot go up with it and that it would not be fireproof.
Sustainable energy and energy storage
In any case, the project in Stockholm will prove (once again) that you can go higher with wood, because several residential and office towers are being realized in the project. Atrium Ljungberg also has ambitious plans in the field of sustainable energy generation, energy storage and energy sharing, although it does not yet provide details about this.
  • Sarah Chabane

    46 w

    Will be interesting to see! I would love to see more timber projects in the new buildings in Stockholm

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