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Image of Joe Biden for President 2020

Joe Biden for President 2020

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Proposed reforms to speed clean energy permitting

The White House proposed reforms to the environmental review process for new energy projects that it said would help speed up permitting for electric transmission and other projects needed to curb emissions linked to climate change.

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  • Peter Karanga

    45 w

    The proposed reforms by the White House to speed up clean energy permitting are a step in the right direction. Streamlining the permitting process for clean energy projects is essential to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. By removing unnecessary regulatory barriers and bureaucratic delays, these reforms can help to attract more investment in clean energy and create jobs in the sector. Additionally, faster permitting can facilitate the deployment of renewable energy projects, enhancing energy security and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is encouraging to see the White House prioritizing clean energy and taking concrete actions to overcome obstacles in its deployment.

    • Joseph Githinji

      45 w

      Great for the authorities to take this noble course diligently. Clean energy is the present and the future.

      • Patrik Lobergh

        45 w

        The reformed processes could be a benchmark for other countries and regions for offloading bureaucracy of new permits and propell the transition to renewables

        • Joyce Waturu

          45 w

          It's amazing to see heightened efforts towards the green energy transition.

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