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Using glass waste effectively reduces landfills

🌍 Landfills are a farce: they not only contribute to pollution of soil, water, and air, but also emit significant amounts of greenhouse gases. Moreover, they occupy valuable space that could be utilized more productively. ♻️ That is why waste management plays a crucial role in addressing limited resources and environmental issues caused by landfills. 🍾 For example, waste management of glass is important as glass often ends up in landfills unnecessarily: it is completely recyclable and can be put to good use in many other ways. 🌱 Learn more about fascinating applications of glass waste to contribute to a sustainable future 👇 :

Crushed glass waste can be used for many different purposes (credit: Portraitor on Pixabay)
Crushed glass waste can be used for many different purposes (credit: Portraitor on Pixabay)

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  • winnie nguru

    49 w

    There is so many products made from recycled glass that are so beautiful to look at, and functional in use. This will be a great way of reducing waste in landfills and also create employment with the recycling process.

    • Grace Njeri

      49 w

      Recycling glass is more efficient at every step along the production process.

      • zelda ninga

        49 w

        This is a good idea if we produce things that can be recycled after use,then we will reduce our waste.

        • Johannes Luiga

          49 w

          An important step ahead. Proud to announce that Sweden I believe is recycling a very high percentage of plastic, metals, glass, cardboard, paper and of course batteries from households

          • rosebellendiritu

            49 w

            This is so achievable,I have an experience of how the waste glasses are recycled to make more useful things and the end products are just but amazing,I had an opportunity to go through some of this's amazing.

            • Joyce Waturu

              49 w

              Waste glasses are better recycled since it's an environmental hazard through out its life on the ground.

              • walter lungayi

                49 w

                This is great idea. Also glass waster should be recycled to avoid nuisance and injuries that may arise

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