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Rewilding Britain

Climate warning

Britain to Allow Big North Sea Oil Field, Despite Climate Concerns

A go ahead for a long-delayed $9.4 billion drilling project is expected to support the oil industry and provide energy security, but environmental advocates were outraged.

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  • Esther Wanjiku

    37 w

    This should go straight to the UK govt and Sunak the climate change denier

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      37 w

      The decision to allow a significant North Sea oil field project in Britain is an insult to environmental advocates, it contradicts the urgent need to address climate change. It is crucial for governments to prioritize sustainable and renewable energy sources to mitigate the environmental impact of fossil fuel extraction and consumption. Balancing economic interests with the imperative to combat climate change remains a critical challenge that requires careful consideration and action

      • Munene Mugambi

        37 w

        Please direct the climate warning to the government of the UK/ Britain or the prime minister

        • Ingmar Rentzhog

          37 w

          I think this climate warning is wrong target. UK is the target not an NGO

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