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Reducing Network Energy - A Net Zero future

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5G has been deployed globally in over 200 live networks. As we move towards 2025, Ericsson believes it is possible to scale up 5G, while simultaneously reducing total network energy consumption.

The demand on mobile networks will continue to grow and without action, energy use and related emissions will too. In order to reach Net Zero, it is important to reduce energy consumption and break the energy curve.

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1.Sustainable network evolution
Many service providers are entering a scaling phase as they already run a 5G network, and our insights can help while we consistently work to improve the energy performance of our products.
Network planning and operations need to evolve to cater for achieving business targets and sustainability ambitions with the lowest energy consumption possible. By applying a work process that prioritizes a holistic view of all perspectives, including an evaluation of organizational objectives and network realities, the resulting network evolution plan becomes the foundation to achieve the desired outcomes.
2. Expand and modernize
Executing a sustainable network evolution plan with a stepwise 5G expansion provides an opportunity to modernize existing networks with low energy consumption and carbon emissions. Expanding sites with new 5G solutions often includes deploying new frequency bands, which requires adding more equipment. To avoid increasing energy consumption, the installed equipment needs to be modernized. This is key to changing the energy consumption trajectory in mobile networks. With a combined view of investments and operating costs, our latest generations of multi-band and massive multiple-input and multiple output (MIMO) radios, and basebands can help service providers to cut energy consumption and greatly improve their energy costs and total cost of ownership going forward.
3. Operate intelligently
As traffic varies daily, the use of energy-saving applications is fundamental to adjusting the capacity of mobile networks to match demand and to delivering the best user experience with the lowest energy use. This can be achieved through a portfolio of tools and capabilities including the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) – as well as automation solutions which can help to reduce perceived complexity barriers. Ericsson is well equipped to support service providers in keeping energy use and carbon emissions at a minimum, with zero-touch problem solving and predictive energy management.

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  • Daniel Waweru

    4 w

    Net Zero is achievable

    • Tabitha Kimani

      4 w

      The need to pursue sustainable operations.

      • Gorffly mokua

        4 w

        Net Zero is achievable with such efforts.💚

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