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Climate Love to all parties for adopting “Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework” in COP15 (Conference of Parties 15) – a recollect on Biodiversity Day, 22.05.23.

Convention of Parties (COP) are held for Biodiversity Conservation just like the COP are organized for Climate Change. COP 15 for conservation of Biodiversity was held in December 2022. It was hosted by Canada, and it was chaired by China. Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (K-M GBF) has been adopted on 19.12.2022 in COP15 by all 188 parties. One report by WWF (Worldwide Fund) earlier showed that 10000 species face extinction every year. Destruction of species disrupts the food energy and causes serious imbalance in the entire ecosystems. It is essential to bring back the building block of lives for enjoying a thriving life in this blue marble.

Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework aims in providing concrete measures for conservation of biodiversity. 188 parties adopted the K-M Global Biodiversity Framework for reversing the worldwide current trend of species extinction.

Four overarching goals have been set under K-M, GBF. These four goals are to:
1. halt human-induced species extinction by 2050.
2. ensure the sustainable use of biodiversity,
3. ensure equitable sharing of benefits earned from monetary or non-monetary utilization of genetic resources,
4. ensure equitable access to finance by all 188 parties. Gender -responsiveness is another pre-condition of this framework. The GBF aims to address biodiversity loss, restore ecosystems and protect indigenous rights.

K-M GBF has also set action oriented 23 targets for conservation of biodiversity. 2030 has been set as target year. It is great to see that conservation of 30% of biodiversity by 2030 has been agreed by the parties. Many species are extinct due to various reasons. Un_cclearn very rightly states” climate change has led to the loss of species and driven mass mortality of plants and animals, resulting in the first climate-driven extinctions”.

All 188 parties, who have adapted to this framework, are now required need to take concrete action for saving biodiversity. Precious building block of food chain have been lost and precious time have been already wasted. It is high time to act for reversing the trend and to bring back the building blocks of lives. Effective conservation and management of at least 30 per cent of the world’s land, coastal areas and ocean are the key to success. Currently, only 17 percent of land and 8 per cent of marine areas are under protection. Restoration of 30 per cent of terrestrial and marine ecosystems is not an easy task but we can not hold back in fear of facing difficulty because the impending danger is far scarier and more devastating.

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