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🌍 Impulsouth: Strengthening Climate Action in Developing Countries 🤝

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Join us in celebrating the impactful work of Impulsouth, an alliance of organizations dedicated to increasing knowledge and capacities on climate action in developing countries. Together, we strive to promote south-south cooperation and enhance engagement with the Paris Agreement, making a significant contribution to the 2023 Global Stocktake. 🌱 Six Countries, One Mission: Advancing Climate Research 🌍 Impulsouth focuses its action in six countries: Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Madagascar, Niger, Uganda, and Zambia. In collaboration with climate researchers from each country, we have developed a comprehensive six-country research report, highlighting the urgent need for standardized data and technical capacities to address climate change. 🔍 Understanding Climate Impacts, Vulnerabilities, and Risks 📊 These research reports shed light on critical needs and gaps in adaptation planning, with a particular emphasis on gender. The studies provide valuable insights into climate impacts and vulnerabilities specific to each country. From the tourism and agriculture sectors in the Dominican Republic to marin-coastal areas in Guatemala, and from the water sector in Madagascar's capital to the cattle corridor in Uganda, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Green Economy and Environment in Zambia, the reports offer a comprehensive understanding of climate challenges. 📚 Recommendations for Action: Closing the Gap 🚀 The research reports have identified key areas for improvement. They highlight the lack of standardized and robust databases, limited access to information, insufficient technical capacities, and the need for better coordination among stakeholders. Furthermore, public information and awareness campaigns, as well as securing adequate funding and infrastructure, are vital for driving effective climate action. 📖 Access the Six-Country Research Report 🌐 To dive deeper into the findings and recommendations, we invite you to read the full six-country research report. Visit our website to gain valuable insights and join us in advancing climate action in developing countries.

🌍 Together, Let's Build a Sustainable Future! 🌱 Join Impulsouth and its partners, including Fundación Avina, IDRC Canada, the Adaptation Fund, and the PCCB Network, as we work towards a resilient and sustainable future. By collaborating and sharing knowledge, we can make a real difference in addressing climate change.
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  • Kevin

    41 w

    Bravo for the phenomenal work you are doing

    • Annett Michuki..

      41 w


      • Munene Mugambi

        41 w

        They're pursuing a worthy cause

        Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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